Monday, August 1, 2011

Can't ignore it much starts soon!

Around these parts, school starts in a very short three weeks.  I know some young adults in my neighborhood who have yet to start their summer reading.  Others have it done but can't remember a thing about the book or books they had to read.  A select few are bored to death and ready to get back in the school swing.

Whatever group you may belong to, Channel One News has some advice to get ready to go back to school.  Remember Channel One News?  You've probably watched their webcasts every morning during the school year.  But did you also know that they have a dedicated website with news, information and games?  You can spend the next few weeks getting ready to go back to school by browsing through Channel One News' website (

From how to take great notes to what your choice of seats says about you, Channel One News' Life channel has fun, games and great advice.  Take a look at their Life splash page here:  If you're getting ready for driver's ed, there are resources from this site too.  College, high school, health and fitness: all kinds of advice is available from the Life page.

And when you've filled your brain with enough back-to-school advice, check out the sports, music and fun sections for a break.  Or if you've got a story to tell, or an opinion about the news, you can create your own video and post it to Channel One News.  Anyone can view it online and maybe yours will be chosen to add to the news shown on TV!

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