Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1 for All, 1 source for Constitution Day lesson plans

Constitution Day is September 17.  I know, I know.  This is a hairy-busy time of year.  So why not let someone else work on your lesson plan for Constitution Day?  Instead of dragging out the same old DVD of The Birth of the Constitution: This Is America Charlie Brown, try visiting the 1 for All website (http://1forall.us/teach-the-first-amendment/) for a one-stop-shop of lesson plans about the Constitution.

According to their website, 1 for All:
1 for All is a national nonpartisan program designed to build understanding and support for First Amendment freedoms. 1 for All provides teaching materials to the nation’s schools, supports educational events on America’s campuses and reminds the public that the First Amendment serves everyone, regardless of faith, race, gender or political leanings. It is truly one amendment for all.  (http://1forall.us/)
In an effort to promote the First Amendment, 1 for All has created a series of initiatives to engage and educate children and adults.  To mark Constitution Day, 1 for All has created a pathfinder of resources.  Lesson plans, all free and available online, are organized by grade level (Elementary & Middle School and High School). Other resources are listed as well.  Most of the lesson plans are from either the Newseum (more about them in another post) or the Education for Freedom (by Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center, a nonpartisan center dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of the values of the First Amendment).

Now, I have nothing against Charlie Brown.  But maybe you'll find some new resources from 1 for All.

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