Monday, July 12, 2010

American history refresher course

So much chatter on Facebook, blogs, and in my personal conversations have centered around the Founding Fathers.  Debate, for almost a week, was heated as to when the Declaration of Independence was signed, adopted, and other mythology about Congress in 1776.  For me, the debates were settled easily by referring to The National Archives' online exhibit, "Charters of Freedom" (  Myths are debunked, truths told, and even the allegations from the movie National Treasure are explored (

The online exhibit is visually stunning, easily navigated, and rich with resources.  Primary documents, art, architecture, and so much more, are included to make the Charters of Freedom a fully interactive and thought provoking exploration.  To top off my arguments with those debating the Founding Fathers, I ask: Is there a more vetted source than the National Archives?

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