Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lights!...Camera!...Academy Awards!

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards are airing on March 7, 2010.  Remarkably, movies can provide a jumping off point for lessons in social studies, language arts, the arts, and even science and math.  If you're planning on incorporating the big entertainment awards show into your lessons, here are a few resources you won't want to miss!

First, the Museum of the Moving Image, in Queens, New York, offers resources online.  Their web resources include a digital collection of criticism and original articles about film; there are short films about the science of movies and a collection catalog as well here:  My favorite resource are the program guides.  Illustrated study guides, available for 2 reading levels, can be downloaded and reproduced; they are companions to specific movies that tie in with topics like immigration, the judicial system, and civil rights.  You can find a list of these resources, and links to download them, here:  Their home page is located here:

Second, my favorite resource for movies and the people associated with them is IMDb: Internet Movie Database (  This database is easily navigated and includes collocation tools, so you can discover who played the lead in a favorite movie then also see what other movies he or she may have starred in.  What was Tom Hanks' first movie?  How many movies have Johnny Depp and Tim Burton made together?  All the answers can be easily found at IMDb; and this is a reliable source!

Lastly, Oscar has his own Web presence.  A visit to allows you to go back in time to see previous telecasts, review lists of winners through the history of the Academy Awards, and so much more.

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