Thursday, January 14, 2010

FLASH: Earthquake resources

Recent events in Haiti have focused attention on earthquakes and seismic activity.  With so much media attention on the tragedy, children are interested in learning how and why the earthquake happened.  They're also concerned about their safety.  Virtual exhibits abound online and I've selected a few that are kid-friendly and from reliable sources.

OLogy: The American Museum of Natural History
This is one of my favorite science sites for kids because of the high-energy graphics and presentation of information.  Enter "earthquake" in the search box and a results page will list four online exhibits on the topic.

TheTech (science museum) in San Jose, CA
Great graphics and simple text explain the basics of plate techtonics and the science of seismology.

The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco
How will the refugees cook following the quake?  Maybe learning about what survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake did to survive will provide insight.

Earthquake Topics by the U.S. Geological Society
This pathfinder includes links to resources like coloring pages, information for kids by kids, and the science of seismic activity.

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